Our History

In the late 1980’s, managers and inventors associated with Protective Liner Systems developed and patented a cure-in-place glass-fiber bag which was manufactured to match the internal dimensions of the manhole or host structure to be rehabilitated. The glass-fiber bags were impregnated with epoxy resin, inserted in the structure, inflated and expanded with an internal bladder, then heat cured. The bladder was then removed and lateral and invert openings were cleared. That process formed a cured-in-place composite liner which bonded to the host structure. Drawbacks to the process were that it required extensive specialized equipment and presented the potential for error in the measurement of the host structure and in the manufacturing and installation of the bag. Also, problems with the bag completely adhering to the manhole caused complications.

In 1989, a hand-applied composite process was developed which requires only minimal equipment for installation and eliminates the need for tedious measurement and precision bag manufacturing. All structures, regardless of size or shape, can be lined by the same process. We are still using this process today to rehabilitate hundreds of brick and concrete structures. We have named our process the PerpetuWall Composite Liner System.

Mission Statement

Protective Liner Systems Inc. is a company driven by quality and customer satisfaction. The company is committed to providing its customers with the products that they need at a moments notice and with best standards of service in the industry. Protective Liner Systems, Inc. is also committed to being an active participant in community health, safety and overall well being. Protective Liner Systems wishes to provide the best products possible and do everything in its power to protect the environment. This commitment to helping protect the environment drives the development of our products. We are certain that our products for the Wastewater Industry perform as advertised, and as a result, help protect the aquifers of the world.

Privacy Policy

Protective Liner Systems, Inc. does not share the contact information with anyone unless the information is required to complete a project. The information will only be passed on to individuals that have a direct involvement in the project and are in a position to treat the information with the proper respect that it deserves. Before passing on the information the owner of such information will be notified if it is a third party that they might not be aware of that is involved with a project.
Protective Liner Systems will Not share Contact Information with:
• Marketing Companies
• Mailing List Companies
• Telemarketing Companies
• Any company that uses Bulk mail/e-mail/ fax as a way to “spam” individuals or companies.
Protective Liner Systems, Inc. strives to keep all sensitive information secure and private. This includes but not limited to Contact Information, Financial Information, Background Information, and Medical Information. All of this information will be stored in secure locations regardless if on analog or digital media.
Any Questions about how information is handled and any special requests should be put in writing and mailed to us or called into our main office in Lithonia, Ga.